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Teaching Extroverts and Introverts
Term Paper Rubric to Improve Writing Skills
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To be effective, teaching must match the way students learn. Below are resources for computer-based student-centered learning that results in changed lives.

Accelerated Adult Learning Charts
Accelerated Teaching for Adults
Adult Power Learning Applications
Application Application Application
Applying the Seven Principles for Good Practices in Undergraduate Education
Asking Good Questions in Discussions and Exams
Asking Questions Like the Master Teacher
Best Practices for Online Instructors
Best Practices in Student Retention SCS
Biblical Integration 2008
Biblical Integration Guide
Bibliography for Bible Students and Pastors
Bibliography for Christian Educators
Bloom's Taxonomy of Learning
Core Books for Students and Christian Leaders - 2008
Checklist for Writing Papers
Common Grammatical Errors
Cone of Learning
Critical Thinking Wheels
Eight Ways Students Learn
Eight Ways to Teach
Enhancing Student Learning Wheel
Guide to Logical Formulas for Bible Students and Pastors
Learner Centered Teaching
Learning Pyramid
Multiple Intelligences Charts
Multiple Intelligences Wheel
Principles of Good Practice Wheel
Questions for Bible Students and Pastors
Quotations for Bible Students and Pastors
Seven Practices of Effective Learning
Seven Practices for Effective Learning: Summary and Chart
Seven Principles of Good Practice in Undergraduate Eduaction
Role Play in Learning
Teaching Instructions
Teaching that Motivates
Teaching Tips (Honolulu community college)
Using Mindtools in Education
Workplace Ethics

Checklists and Rubrics

Chicago Style
Rubric for Grading Action Plans
Rubric for Grading College Writing
Rubric for Grading Critical Thinking
Rubric for Grading Doctrinal Summaries
Rubric for Grading Group Discussion
Rubric for Grading Online Courses
Rubric for Grading PowerPoint Presentations 
Rubric for Grading Research Papers
Rubric for Grading Sermon Manuscripts
Rubric for Grading Thesis Papers
Rubric for Grading Theological Dissertations

APA Style
Rubric for Grading Group Discussion - APA
Rubric for Grading Journal Article Analyses - APA Rubric for Grading Journal
Log Annotated Bibliographies - APA
Rubric for Grading Research Papers - APA
Rubric for Grading Dissertations - APA

Study Tips

Bibliography for Bible Students and Pastors 
Guide to Acrostics for Bible Students
Guide to Adult Learning
Guide to Alliteration for Bible Students
Guide to Applications for Bible Students
Guide to Applying the Word
Guide to Assessments for Bible Students
Guide to Avoiding Common Writing Errors 
Guide to Bible Reference Works
Guide to Bible Study Tools
Guide to Biblical Integration
Guide to Biblical Worldview Steppingstones
Guide to Books for Bible Students
Guide to Brain Science and Boys
Guide to Capitalization of Theological Terms
Guide to Christian Publishers
Guide to Citing the Bible
Guide to Clip Art for Bible Students
Guide to College Level Writing Skills
Guide to Commentaries
Guide to Concise Rules of APA Style
Guide to Critical Thinking
Guide to Dewey decimal 200s
Guide to Dissertation Writing
Guide to Doctrinal Summaries
Guide to Educational Articles
Guide to Educational Databases
Guide to Educational E-books
Guide to Educational E-journals
Guide to Educational Quotations
Guide to Educational Websites
Guide to E-Journal and Print Journals for Bible Students
Guide to E-Newsletters for Bible Students
Guide to Excellence for Bible Students
Guide to Feedback for Bible Teachers
Guide to Generational Theory and Millennials
Guide to Graduate Writing
Guide to Greek and Hebrew Online
Guide to Interpreting the Bible
Guide to Logical Fallicies
Guide to Logical Formuals for Bible Students
Guide to Memorizing Scripture
Guide to Online Bible Commentaries
Guide to Online Bible Reference Works
Guide to Online Miscommunication
Guide to Online Teaching
Guide to PowerPoint
Guide to Proclaiming the Word
Guide to Questions
Guide to Quotations
Guide to Religion E-Books
Guide to Religion E-Journals
Guide to Religion Research Databases
Guide to Religion Websites
Guide to Research Papers
Guide to Studying
Guide to Studying a Bible Character
Guide to Studying a Bible Passage
Guide to Studying a Bilbe Theme
Guide to Studying a Bible Word
Guide to Studing a Book of the Bible
Guide to Teaching the Word
Guide to Theologians
Guide to Theological Terms
Guide to Thesis Writing
Guide to YouTube


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